​    Nathan Weeks, Attorney at Law LLC is a solo practice dedicated to providing criminal defense services at affordable rates. 

There is a significant gap between persons who qualify for a public defender and those who can afford to hire a law firm. When you hire a law firm you are paying for their offices, conference rooms, secretaries, paralegals, etc. By reducing overhead, I am able to offer significantly lower rates without compromising quality of service and while giving personal attention to your case.

When you hire a law firm, your case may be assigned to an attorney you have never met, or multiple attorneys who handle parts of your case as their schedules permit. When you hire a law firm, you may have an “associate” appear in court with you, rather than your regular attorney. When you hire a law firm, you usually speak with a receptionist, paralegal, or law clerk, not your attorney. When you hire Nathan Weeks, Attorney at Law LLC, you are hiring Nathan Weeks to appear with you in court, to prepare your case, to answer your phone calls, to handle every aspect of your case.* 

No criminal defense attorney should ever refuse to take their client's case to trial, or refuse to negotiate the case, unfortunately many attorneys consider themselves either trial lawyers or negotiators, but aren't comfortable being both. I am not afraid to take your case to trial, nor am I afraid to negotiate your case. I will give you my honest opinion about whether I believe your case should be negotiated or taken to trial, but ultimately the decision is yours.

I offer a free in-person initial consultation and fees are determined based on the unique circumstances of your case. Most cases are done a flat fee basis, so you know upfront how much my services will cost. Payment plans are available in most cases. There are no credit checks, and payments may be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card

*In the event of an unforeseen emergency, Nathan Weeks, Attorney at Law LLC may employ a contract attorney to appear in court in order to ensure the client's case is not unnecessarily delayed. Nathan Weeks, Attorney at Law LLC, may, when necessary, use other legal professionals to aid in research and case preparation, but Nathan Weeks maintains responsibility for the case and, unless circumstances make it impossible, handles client contact and court appearances personally.  

This website is intended to provide basic information on the services Nathan Weeks, Attorney at Law LLC provides; it does not create an attorney-client relationship nor guarantee the outcome of any legal matter. Nathan Weeks, Attorney at Law LLC reserves the right to reject any case or any consultation.

Nathan Weeks, Attorney at Law LLC is a Limited Liability Company formed under the laws of the State of Colorado. 

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